8 Things That Charmed Me This Weekend

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8 Things That Charmed Me This Weekend

Good morning!

I’ve spent most of my weekend procrastinating on an Olympic scale…yes, I should be grading an inbox full of Great Gatsby chapter analysis assignments, but I’m not mentally ready for that challenge just yet.

Here’s what has charmed me this weekend:

I’m almost finished listening to The Bookseller, a story about a woman in the 1960s who keeps waking up in an alternate version of her life.

Apparently, there are some awesome #over40style bloggers all over the inter-webs, and I am way too lame to have even known they existed. I’m four years into my forties, and I’m just now finding this out?!? I really do need to figure out who’s supposed to be in charge of my life; they might need to be put on a managerial improvement plan. My favorites from Twitter (so far)

I’m not trying to cry. But it looks like I’m not going to ever be prepared to let my daughter leave for college. Even Rob Lowe knows what it’s like. Unprepared

I had a hair appointment on Saturday. I usually try to explain my color as something along the lines of caramel and honey but more hot chocolatey. It’s a wonder I’ve ever been allowed back in her chair. I finally found a real life version of my Chocolate Chip Cookie Hair (and it really is gorgeous!). Thankfully, my stylist has a good sense humor and patience!

I absolutely appreciate that there are so many successful bloggers willing to share their tips for paying off their student loans. On my list to study this week are

The boyfriend and the daughter have requested (demanded) that I make Baja Fish Tacos for dinner (I make it my own by adding chopped tomatoes and jalepenos to the baja sauce).

On constant replay: The Weeknd’s Starboy and Carrie Underwood’s Dirty Laundry.

Looking forward to Nikki Blackketter’s 4-week Challenge. Sign-ups don’t start until Tuesday, but I keep refreshing her website just to see if it’s been updated.

As much as I’d like them to, these assignments aren’t going to magically grade themselves. Here’s to a great week. You’re pretty.

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