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about me - the accidental heroine

Hello there, I’m Diana.

I started this blog in October of 2016 when I realized that I have really important things to say that need to be shared.

Ha, kidding!

No. I really started this blog to take my mind off my daughter’s impending departure to college. Crying in the corner of my closet just wasn’t working out for me anymore – nor did it make her final year in high school slow down. It was either pursue a creative outlet or take up alcoholism as a hobby. So, yeah.

I write this blog for a woman like myself: an (unapologetically) bossy woman who is trying to figure out how she got put in charge.

When I’m not writing blog posts or posting tweets, I’m probably grading papers (why do I keep assigning so many???), watching copious amounts of Netflix and Youtube (I’m kinda obsessed with make-up and workout tutorials…not that I really practice either one, but meh), and pondering if I should drink another Red Bull.

I am totally Type A and decidedly introverted. I forget this all the time. I’m only reminded of my “I don’t really like lots of people” tendencies right after I’ve agreed to attend some outdoor festival or 5K. I don’t even like to run so I’m not sure why I keep saying yes to this one.

I have an inappropriate attachment to my dogs. But at least I’m willing to admit this.

I cry when I am angry; I avoid being sad.

I’m educated, I’m practically agnostic, and I like to cuss. A lot. For effect. ‘Cause I can.

We just became best friends, didn’t we?!? Awesome. Now you should really read all the super-interesting stuff that I write, and then come back and tell me I’m pretty. A best friend would totally do that.


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