3 Qualities a Woman Should Never Apologize For

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Two people bump into each other on a sidewalk, and it’s nobody’s fault.
It’s completely an accident. One person succinctly says, ‘I’m sorry.’
And the other one says, ‘Watch it.’ … You’re the apologizer.
Let the devil teach you how to say ‘Watch it.’
(Louis Canning to Alicia Florrick, “The Good Wife”)

3 Qualities a Woman Should Never Apologize For*

I keep preaching to my students that all of their writing for the rest of their lives needs to be arguable. That they need to have an opinion and also be able to defend that opinion.

As a summative assessment for the semester, my students have to research a contemporary issue and address their findings in podcast format.

One of my students asked me what I felt was a contemporary issue for women so I popped off with “I don’t know…the insane need to apologize for things…”

Probably not an issue per say, but true nonetheless. So, here are three things I think women should never apologize for:

1. A woman should not apologize for having both brains and beauty.

2. A woman should not apologize for being both gentle and powerful.

3. A woman should not apologize for being herself.

*Yes, I know this is a preposition which is never allowed to just hang out at the end of a sentence like this one does, but really, is that rule even necessary, or is it just another archaic form of patriarchal oppression?!?**
**Ha, but no really, is it?

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