Monthly Goals: December Edition

December Goals - the accidental heroine

Monthly Goals: December Edition

Welcome to my Monthly Goals blogging series. I plan to share my blog goals and my personal goals each month and then reflect on those goals the next month to see if anything was actually accomplished. I figure that writing my goals here is equivalent to releasing them into the universe, and the baby Jesus knows that I dare not disappoint the universe!

It’s finally almost the first day of December.

I don’t know about you, but I’m over the emotional trauma of November.

The presidential election debacle was topped off by a huge fight between two of my dogs. I should probably just start writing out my salary payable to the vet. I’ve honestly just become the middle man between my bank account and the vet’s bank account, and I don’t drink enough wine for this not to be a painful endeavor!

Now, we are mere weeks from 2016 being over. 2016 seriously needs to go to bed; I’m over 2016 and its take take take personality. 2016 took Prince but gave us this president-elect; wtf, 2016?!?


With two weeks off at the end of this month, I plan on diving into all the blog courses and resources (9 Blogger Email Lists You Definitely Need to Join) that I’ve downloaded over the last few weeks.

I’ll for sure have them all read, memorized, and implemented by the start of 2017. Because I clearly have more than 24 hours in a day; don’t you?!?

But before I commit myself to an overbooked end of December melee, I need to update my October + November goals:

October and November Goals

  1. Twitter: at least 50 followers.
    YEP! – My @accidentaldiana account actually has 125 followers!
  2. Workout at least three times a week. With weights.
    NOPE – I don’t even have a good excuse.
  3. Pick a paint color and paint the damn hallway.
    NOPE – I thought about this a few times, and that’s as far as I got.
  4. List and sell the eBay items
    KINDA – I only listed some brand new Victoria’s Secret bras and a Coach bag; I still have many more to sell.
  5. Sell the chairs and random tools on the List of Craig.
    NOPE – I thought about it, but meh.
  6. Write two blog posts a week.
    YEP! – Thanksgiving Thursday was the only post I skipped.
  7. Increase my blog visits to at least 100.
    YEP! – My 9 Blogger Email Lists You Definitely Need to Join post reached 152 visits in one day. Very exciting!
  8. Set up a Facebook account for my blog.
    NOPE – I’m just not there yet.
  9. Upload a photo of myself for my “about me” widget.
    NOPE – I found a stock photo that will work for now.

Apparently, I’m not a goal completer. Or maybe I’m just an overscheduler. Either way, I think I need to be more specific and task oriented in December.

December Goals

  1. Twitter: maintain at least 200 followers.
  2. Workout at least three times a week. I must keep this as a goal.
  3. List and sell the eBay items.
  4. Sell the chairs and random tools on the List of Craig.
  5. Write another blog post that reaches at least 100 visits. 
  6. Create a landing page and newsletter opt-in. 
  7. Finish two quilts. Yes, this one probably seems random, but they’ve been about 3/4 complete since December of 2009. I might want to move on from this project!

I should probably add in something about not sending my bank account into a deficit by buying too many gifts for the daughter and the dogs, but why set myself up to fail?!?

Oh, December, I have such high hopes for you. Do your best to not disappoint me, okay?

Do you have any amazing goals in mind for the last month of this year? How many of those goals involve consuming copious amounts of alcohol? Are you suddenly concerned that you are falling behind on your liquor intake???

If you feel like you need to join an anti-2016 support group, leave me a comment below. I’ll bring the cookies and wine.

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