9 Blogger Email Lists You Definitely Need to Join

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9 Blogger Email Lists You Definitely Need to Join

“Diana, your addiction to blogger emails and newsletters has affected me negatively in the following ways…”

That’s how I see my intervention beginning.

But I honestly can’t help it; I have developed a blogger email habit.

Of course I have. And Black Friday blogger course and resource discounts have not helped me curb this dependence. Not even in the slightest.

In the spirit of true junkie behavior, I’m willing to share my stash (just this once).

Come on, it’s totally no big deal; you know we’d be the best fiends ever.

[note: I’m not being compensated in any way for these recommendations; I’m sure more than a few of these sites have no idea I even exist.]

Blog Email Lists You Need to Join Right Now

Making Sense of Cents (the one that started it all) – After I signed up for Michelle’s emails and started reading through her How to Start a Blog Free Course, I became a fan for life. Michelle is honestly one of the most successful bloggers I have ever known, err read about, and she’s willing to share her secrets!

Women Winning Online – I love Jen’s 7 Proven Ways to Get More Blog Traffic that’s included with her newsletter. I’ve gone on to purchase Find Your Tribe Online and 30 Day Marketing Plan for Bloggers. I’m pretty much in love with everything Jen produces.

Start a Mom Blog – I came across Suzi on Twitter and she almost automatically became my favorite blog email dealer. (Honestly, Suzi and Jen send out the best emails.) I’m not necessarily a new blogger, so I know how to build a blog; I just don’t want to make dumb mistakes or make things more complicated than I should so I’ve purchased both Blog by Number: Every Busy Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog and The 9-Step Blog Plan.

Melyssa Griffin – I saw free 20+ Page Blog Business Plan, and I was sold. Her emails so far have a free video course called Blog to Biz Bootcamp Series (set to begin on November 30th), a free Double Your Traffic + Email List in 30 Days online course (I’d highly recommend this course if you are at all interested in Pinterest traffic), and access to a library of 25 blog success resources.

Design Your Own Blog – Marianne’s blog color scheme of aqua and orange is gorgeous — this just needed to be acknowledged. Her email list subscribers get access to a library of 11 blogging resources and blog design tips. What’s more, her emails are filled with lots of do-it-yourself fixes for anything related to blog design.

What Mommy Does: After reading her Black Friday Deals for Bloggers blog post (and signing up for Content Brew on her recommendation), I absolutely had to sign up for her newsletter. Plus, she included a 2017 Blog Planner in her first email that I will definitely have to use to help me keep track of all the courses and resources I’ve acquired so far.

Blog Clarity – I just signed up for Melissa’s email last night, so I’ve only skim-read the DIY Blog Critique she includes with her newsletter. But based on Lena’s recommendation (and the phrase “50% off”), I quickly signed up for Content Brew. The course doesn’t start until January 9th, and I am definitely looking forward it.

Kory Woodard – I saw Kory’s tweet (and “40% off”) early this morning and promptly used that discount. And yes, I also signed up for her newsletter (’cause why wouldn’t I?!?) and immediately received her Discovering Your Brand eBook.

Elite Blog Academy – Ruth’s Elite Blog Academy is currently on waitlist only (the next one begins February of 2017), but she more than makes up for that with her emails. I only signed up yesterday, and so far, I’ve received The Blog Structure Blueprint, 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight, and a Goal Setting Workbook for Bloggers.

I apparently thrive in an information overload environment!

Blog Courses I Want to Sign Up For Eventually

Pinfinite Growth – Melyssa (from Melyssa Griffin) is offering a course that is practically equivalent to a Masters Degree in Pinterest. I loved her online workshop, and after two pages of notes, I am more than ready to complete this course as well.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – Michelle (from Making Sense of Cents) has put together a course about “how to build a six figure blog without millions of visitors or selling your soul.” I’m ridiculously inspired by Michelle’s success, so I definitely need to take this course soon (or at least put it on my Christmas Wish List).

Have I missed any other blogging courses or resources? Are you concerned that I am hoarding blogging stuff? Did you think I was joking when I made my addiction confession?

If you’d like to follow me on my blogging adventure (or if you’d like to be in charge of my intervention), you should definitely leave me a comment below and head over to the sidebar to subscribe to my blog. It’s clear that my blog resource collecting needs to be monitored!

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are SO sweet! Thank you so much for featuring me with all of those AMAZING women! 🙂 I am super grateful and happy to have you in my courses!

    And my goodness, keep us updated on how you stay on top of all those subscriptions and courses. But it will sure keep you busy as your daughter goes to college.

    Mine are still so small, both under 3 years old. So my days are filled with diapers, breastfeeding and cleaning cheerios off the floor.

    Thank you for connecting with me! HUGS!

    1. Suzi!
      No. Thank you for being so generous and sharing what you’ve learned. I absolutely value your expertise!

      It’s true – I think I have way more hours in a day than there are. Plus, you all have put together such good information that I feel like I might miss something if I don’t at least check it all out (and I am weak when it comes to the “Buy Me Now” button!).

      My daughter is in her last year of high school and will be living (with her father so I know she’ll be safe) like 45 minutes away for college, but still, how can she leave her momma?!? 🙂 Now I just need to become a “how could you grow up?” guilt expert! Ha!

      Here’s to a great week (and amazing cyber Monday deals!),

    1. Totally having a fan-girl moment…don’t mind me!

      But seriously, I read one of your blog posts in May, got inspired, and held onto the idea of taking up blog writing again. Then I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic in which she wrote something to the effect of “if an idea sticks around, it wants you to give it life”, so that was all the push I needed to just run with it.

      So to you and Ms. Gilbert, I say thank you thank you thank you!

  2. What a great list! Some of these are already my faves, others I’ve heard of from others (but haven’t followed yet), & others are new. I can’t wait to make some time & explore these!

    1. I’m so glad! I was going through my inbox this weekend, and I wanted to have all the blogger newsletters in one place. Really, this post was an attempt to go through and itemize all the resources I’ve gleaned over the last 6 weeks or so. And I promise, the information these bloggers are providing is seriously amazing.

    1. You’re so welcome! I love that your personality is totally evident in your both your blog posts and newsletters. Seriously, thanks so much for sharing all of your resources!

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