I Think I Found My Niche

Found My Niche - the accidental heroine

I Think I Found My Niche

Happy last Thursday of October! That means that Thanksgiving is a month away, and I’ve somehow developed a distaste for turkey. Never mind, November Diana can deal with that.

Anyway, here I am five posts into my new blog and I’ve hit a wall. A niche wall.

What the hell?!?

I left blogging for nearly four years, and now I need to bring something more to my posts than just my alluring, sparkling personality. I now have to have a niche. Wait, what?

Apparently, the internet expects me to be self-aware enough to articulate both the purpose and the intent of this blog.

Um, remember when I mentioned that I was probably in the middle of an existential crisis? How the hell am I supposed to define something when I am not even sure that I know anything about a damn thing? Ugh…

Here’s what I’m not: I’m not a style-savvy, fitness-loving, twenty-something girl nearing college graduation.

I’m not a late-twenty-something mom debating the merits of cloth diapers, breastfeeding, and being a stay at home parent.

I’m not in my thirties documenting home improvements, coupon hauls, date-nights with my husband, and Pinterest-worthy projects.

I love these blogs; I’ve avidly read these blogs. This is not a dismissal of these types of blogs. I’m just not there anymore.

I like to read style blogs for women over 40; I like to read small bungalow-ish home improvement blogs written by women that love clean design; I like to read cooking blogs and shopping blogs and blogs about blogs, but that’s not at all what I want to write about.

Fine, that was a bit much, but the bar has been set pretty high.

All of the searches I’ve typed for “how do I know what my blog niche is” have yielded nearly the same results: you just know…you just know because you’re you and you know.

Well, I mean, that’s not exactly what it said, but it was definitely the gist.

So, yeah. I’ve got a few things to figure out. I’m going to start simple with some basics.

Found My Niche - the accidental heroine

What am I passionate about? What do I love to write about? I want to be in a world where women know their worth. I want to empower women to run their own lives and make their own mistakes and offer no apologies for doing so. I want to read about women who accept that life is sometimes just so ridiculous and that’s what makes the story worth telling. I want to keep trying to turn myself into that woman so that I can write about being that woman.

What subjects interest me? Way too many, and that’s part of my charm. But, if keeping myself financially solvent wasn’t a concern, then I would spend my days researching and understanding the history and development of women over time.

Who is my audience? I imagine that my reader is someone like me – a hilarious, forty-something, single woman that had not planned on being forty-something and single, but she is still damn funny anyway. And she’s a feminist and independent and kind of agnostic and not afraid to admit that she doesn’t always have her shit together.

Perfect. So what’s my niche? In one sentence, what’s my blog about? The Accidental Heroine is a smart, funny, feminist blog for forty-something women. I think.

I’ll figure it out; I promise.

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