Monthly Goals: October/November Edition

Oct-Nov Goals - the accidental heroine

Monthly Goals: October/November Edition

Welcome to my Monthly Goals blogging series. I plan to share my blog goals and my personal goals each month and then reflect on those goals the next month to see if anything was actually accomplished. I figure that writing my goals here is equivalent to releasing them into the universe, and the baby Jesus knows that I dare not disappoint the universe!

Hello, Thursday and happy mid-October!

This month I’m all about growing my blog and making it content-rich. Since I’ve never ventured beyond an audience that is directly related to me (sister, I’m looking at you!), I’ve tried to make goals for my blog that will push me out of my circle-of-trust comfort zone.

OctNovGoals - the accidental heroine

  1. Twitter: my @accidentaldiana account currently has 6 followers (I’m not even sure how since I’ve not mentioned it not even once!). By the end of November, I’d like to have at least 50 followers. I know this seems like a rather small goal, but my personal twitter account barely has 70, and I’ve had it since 2009 (granted, I hardly use it, but those are just details!).
  2. Workout at least three times a week. With weights. And no, meandering along on the treadmill listening to a book from Audible is definitely not good enough. I’m talking real fitness here, people!
  3. Pick a paint color and paint the damn hallway. For fucks sake, seriously. I’ve lived in this house for almost five years, and I’ve painted all of two rooms. Pick a fricken color of gray or greige and move on. It’s paint, Diana! Get over yourself.
  4. List and sell the eBay items that have been sitting on the bookcase for the last year. I need to get this done before Christmas so the things will actually sell! Waiting another year is not helping the items increase in value…it’s brand new Victoria’s Secret stuff not stacks of priceless Picassos.
  5. Sell the chairs and random tools on the List of Craig. I’d like to reclaim the garage space these items are inhabiting. This one should seem easy but coupled with the eBay items, it just seems like such an endeavor…I’m just soooo taxed and busy…whatever!
  6. Write two blog posts a week. So far, I’ve come up with 30 post ideas that I am excited to write. Honestly, I just need to move topics from idea stage to published post.
  7. Increase my blog visits to at least 100. I currently have an all time high of 8. And most of those are probably just me checking to see if the layout looks good on both my laptop and my iPhone. So, yeah, I’m not ready to congratulate myself for my own personal blog views.
  8. Set up a Facebook account for my blog. Which means that I will have to share it with all of my Facebook friends. Which also means that I cannot stress over the fact that not every one of my FB friends is going to like my blog or even get why I’m doing this. I just need to remember that it’s none of my business what other people think of me. Again, maybe I should just get over myself and stop overthinking everything anyway. Sheesh.
  9. Upload a photo of myself for my “about me” widget. An actual photo of myself that I’m not going to criticize for whatever ridiculous reason that I’d think of to criticize it for. It’s not even that big of a deal. But I know myself. I have to publish this as a goal in order to make it happen. Maybe the universe will reward me for my efforts, and the photo will just be awesome. I mean, that could totally happen!

I know, I know, nine whole things to accomplish in the next six-ish weeks; doesn’t seem too lofty, right?!? Just these nine goals, lessons to plan, essays to grade, and that whole blinking and breathing thing I have been attempting to perfect. I’ve got this all under control!

Alright, peeps, thanks for stopping by.

And if you know me in real life, remember to tell me I’m pretty. That’s what friends do for friends, after all!

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